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We pride ourselves on creating realistic images, we can only do this if we are provided with enough information about your project.

The 3D Model is the basis of any render image, so the more accurate the drawings the more accurate the model will be and therefore more realistic the final renders will be.

We look forward to working with you.

Start to finish



Our initial meeting would be to discuss your requirements, a description of the property and what you want to achieve from the visuals.


Provide Drawings

Once we have discussed your project we would then request drawings and any other documentation to help build the model, this would be in the form of floor plans & elevations, ideally in CAD format but if these are not available we can work from PDF files.


Clay Models

Once we have received your drawings we will then start to build the clay model, this model will not have any materials applied as this will be used to confirm that the building looks correct. We will then ask you to confirm the building looks correct and then sign off before the next stage.


Camera Angles

Once the model has been confirmed, we will then ask you to confirm the required view of the building for the finished render, you may require more than one image to show the building from different angles.


Final Renders

We will ask for a materials list, this will include brick, tiles etc, if the image is of an interior we will require paint, flooring etc. Once we have this information we can then start on the final images, this is where the realistic lighting and materials are applied, we will add people etc to add that little extra realism.

How we work.

We really enjoy what we do, we love creating images of buildings that don't exist in the real world.

Creating CGI Renders has the ability to provide our clients a first glimpse of what their project will look like, drawings help construct and layout but they just don't have the same impact to the client as a realistic image.

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