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Why are CGI images so important?

Imagine you have bought a plot of land and you have plans to build a property to make a return on your investment, you have an Architect in place to produce the detailed drawings but you have no way of marketing the property as essentially you have a building site with nothing to sell.

This is where images of your future development become so important, they are the only way you can show potential buyers what they are investing in. These images can be used to market the property long before construction is complete, driving interest in your development project.

Spending money on CGI images can seem an expensive option but imagine you have builders and architects on site, you are paying them for their services but you have no guarantee you will sell the property once its complete, CGI images give you a that head start, they could sell the property for you.

The creation of CGI images can vary in price depending on the size of the project and the quality of the final images, I would suggest getting the best possible images you can afford.

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